Csac Eia Jpa Agreement

The Executive Committee authorized the dissemination of the draft revisions of the JPA agreement, mainly due to an authorized name change for the EIA! The proposed new name is Public Risk Innovation, Solutions, and Management or PRISM. Consider registering for the March board meeting. Visit us on March 5 and 6 for member focus groups, the Executive Committee Meeting, the Board of Directors Workshops on California Legislature in 2020, and the Board Meeting. See you there! Worker`s Comp`s New Challenges for 2020 and Beyond February 20, 2020 PRISM has been permanently accredited by the California Association of Joint Powers Authority (CAJPA) since 1989 and was the first JPA in California to earn the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association in 1994. Member participation has made PRISM one of the largest risk pools for property, accidents and social benefits of public institutions in the country and has helped to make PRISM a pioneer within the JPA risk management community. © CSAC Excess Insurance Authority 2020. Your use of this website is acceptance of our privacy policy and our general conditions of sale. In 1979, 29 California counties founded the CSAC Excess Insurance Authority, a Joint Power Authority, pursuant to Section 1, Chapter 5, Division 7, Title 1 of the California Government Code (Section 6500 et seq.). The sole purpose of this new JPA was to find low-cost insurance solutions and risk management services for members. Risk Management Practitioner: Workers` Compensation: Sacramento Feb. 19, 2020 If you have any questions about the draft JPA contract, please contact Mike Pott.

In 2020, the EIA became Public Risk Innovation, Solutions and Management. PRISM`s successful approach to insurance has been seen throughout the state of California. Membership has expanded to 95 percent of counties, 70 percent of cities, as well as educational organizations, special districts, housing agencies, fire districts, and 27 other municipalities. In 2019, the Board of Directors authorized expansion out of California. National growth is an example of the spirit of innovation that PRISM embodies. Consider registering for tomorrow`s webinar at 9.m on changes to the JPA agreement. More information on the new name will follow shortly! De-escalation and Interpersonal Communication March 11, 2020 The EIA De-Escalation and Interpersonal Communication Course is scheduled for March 11 in Riverside. Participants learn how to create voluntary compliance through interpersonal means of communication and the art of conviction.

Registration is now available on the EIA website (only for law enforcement personnel, postal ID required). Any questions? Contact EIA Risk Control. Members, collaborators and our long-time partner Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. have worked together to provide you with access to risk coverage programs that are stable, safe and flexible. . . .