New Brewery Opening in Boca Raton

A new brewery is open in Boca Raton and will be the first Belgian brewery of its kind. Located in the industrial, northwest area of Boca Raton, Barrel of Monks will open its doors as one of the first breweries to actually brew their beer in house.

As the first ever production brewery in the area, Barrel of Monks will have its own lab, and beer bottling and tasting room. The beer will be labeled “Brewed in Boca Raton” and the tasting room will display 12 different taps to choose from. There will be a rotating selection with new additions being included on a seasonal basis.

This unique and novel establishment is founded by Keith DeLoach and his partners, Matt Saady and Bill McFee. Using state of the art brewing equipment, they will deliver some of the finest ales that Boca Raton has had the pleasure of tasting. Barrell of Monks will feature ales with a wide selection of flavors that are Belgian in both taste and production methods.

As an authentic alternative to mass produced beer, Barrel of Monks offers a refreshing change of home brewed, hand crafted, specialty ales. Beer enthusiasts and new tasters alike will appreciate the deep and rich flavors they have been able to produce. The establishment will not be serving any food but instead will operate with an 867 square foot tasting room for patrons. The room is essential for visitors to get used to the product which will mainly be sold to area restaurants and other establishments.

The team hopes to have their doors opened up by late summer with a grand opening scheduled for 2015. Keith DeLoach is quoted as stating “Our goal with all of this is to set the trend of producing some very high quality beer…It’s been a lot of hard work, and we think people are going to be able to really tell the difference. Belgian beer has a bold and complex flavor and Barrel of Monks offers beer lovers throughout Boca Raton the chance to experience the flavors first hand. The brewery is located at 1141 S. Rogers Circle. For more information, visit their website at

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