Realtor Helpings Boca Raton’s Children’s Museum

Ari Albinder, a leading realtor in the area of Boca Raton lends a helping hand to the Boca Raton’s Children’s Museum with a charitable grocery donation. He is the owner and broker of the Mizner Grande Realty company which is one of the premier real estate firms serving the area.

The Museum had been reaching out to major supermarkets in the area in an effort to restock the pretend groceries in one of the museum’s displays, The Singing Pines Grocery Store. This well visited area of the museum had seen its toy groceries become severely worn over time and despite several calls for help, no one was willing to assist with the replacement of their plastic groceries. That is of course, until Ari Albinder stepped forward with a generous donation. The real estate mogul is passionate about giving back to the community and with his donation, the museum was able to buy a wide selection of new plastic groceries. The children now enjoy brand new, plastic steaks, fruits, milk, bread, seafood, and canned goods.

Ari Albinder stated that he sincerely enjoyed his visit to the museum and was rewarded by seeing how much the children enjoyed the new groceries. “With kids of my own, I realize the value that this museum serves to the area and I’m thrilled that I can play a role in making a child’s day a little bit better,” he stated.

For visitors to the Boca Raton Children’s Museum, their day will be just a little brighter with new groceries to enjoy. The museum is situated at 498 Crawford Boulevard and their website is


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