Rma Written Agreement Handbook

RMA & USDA are undergoing major website changes and migrations. Some links may be broken, we replace the old ones since the USDA publishes new links to web pages and manuals. More than 320 hectares| Must request a written agreement from the RMA before the closing date of the crop the grower wishes to grow. areas that do not have construction records (determined in accordance with information collected and maintained by a USDA authority or other verifiable records provided by the insured and acceptable to the AIP) for the production of an annual crop on or before February 7, 2014 and on which the vegetation cover consists primarily of native grasses; grassland plants, forbs or shrubs suitable for grazing and excavation. 4. Where the NRCS requires a conservation plan for the new fallow area, the policyholder must prove that it exists or will be one. If NRCS does not require a conservation plan for the new rupture area, the producer must certify that one of them is not required. Less than 320 hectares | An insurance company can apply to the AIP at the time of land reporting by contracting a new insurance application. 2. The policyholder must certify that the new fallow area has been declared or chemically destroyed before planting. 1. The policyholder must demonstrate that 75% or more of the new rupture zone per field (or within an existing field, if only part of the field is new fracture zones) are soil types defined as Class I, II, III or IV, as defined by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Web Soil Survey (websoilsurvey.nrcs.usda.gov/app/HomePage.htm); 3. The policyholder must prove that the new fallow area has been previously broken and planted for harvest.

This documentation must indicate that the new fracture surface was ordered on or before February 7, 2014. Examples of documentation include a document FSA-578 dated February 7, 2014 or before February 7, 2014, showing the previous crop on which the new fracture zone was planted; an ASL 578 document dated or before 7 February 2014 indicating that the new fracture zone is classified as arable land; etc.; and contact us for more information or clarification. Note: Additional areas and now harvest/practice/type applications no longer need to be submitted to the RMA for approval. Here too, it is important to inform your agent if this year you have added land or new pickaxes….