Sound System Hire Agreement

Definition of terms used: “Rental” This term refers to the agreement to use equipment provided by the company during an event or tour accompanied by a crew provided by or on behalf of the company. Under these conditions, the rental period is usually three days or more and the prices applied can be indicated as “tour rate”. These Terms and Conditions do not apply to Dry Hire agreements. “Tenant” means the person, company, department or other organization that has ordered and/or accepted devices or services from Sound Design. “Equipment”: all equipment and/or services accepted by the tenant, as well as any other object and/or service accepted, whether specified or implied or not. “Sound Crew” personnel provided by or on behalf of Sound Design as part of the rental service for the installation, maintenance and dismantling of equipment. “Owner/Company” Sound Design Irish Jurisdiction: All agreements, contracts and transactions with Sound Design are bound by and subject to Irish law. Provision of equipment and services 1. Provision of equipment and services Sound Design undertakes to provide you with the sound system and rigging equipment described in the rental plan / offer for the rental period, as well as the services of a Sound Crew of the number indicated in the offer. 2. Replacement of defective devices: Sound Design provides all devices in perfect condition, but in case of defect; Sound Design`s adhesion is limited to the repair or replacement of defective devices at Sound Design`s discretion. 3. Ownership of Sound Design: The equipment remains the property of Sound Design at all times.

In the event of a breach of any of these terms, Sound Design may immediately terminate the agreement and repossess all of its devices, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies. The rental is not authorized by the tenant without prior written authorization. Version: 10/07-V4Conditions & Rental Conditions Page 2 Main exclusions: 4. Unless expressly stated in writing in the offer, are excluded from the rental provision: 4.1. VAT taxes (VAT 4.2. Equipment (except in the rental plan/offer) including climb lines, assemblies, scaffolding, flooring, stage equipment, forklift or other transportation equipment. 4.3. Flying Points rigging, i.e.

the abandonment of the attachment of chain hooks to the support fabric 4.4. Reserved local equipment or location 4.5. Local crew staff (with the exception of the sound design team indicated in the rental/offer plan), including loaders, set designers, licensed riggers and electricians, equipment operators. It is the responsibility of the renter to provide the local crew who assist in the loading and unloading of the equipment. 4.6. Transport of equipment and personnel, including freight and transport costs and storage of equipment. Unless otherwise stated, all equipment and sound services from Dublin Ireland are indicated. All devices must be picked up and returned here at the end of the rental period.

Other agreements must be agreed in writing before the lease begins. 4.7. Sound Crew Expenses includes reasonable travel expenses from our Dublin base to the event venue and crew accommodation and catering. The payment of numbers of coins or other cash payments to the crew staff is at the absolute discretion of the renter and is not refunded by Sound Design. 4.8. Excessive working hours Sound Design reserves the right to charge the renter for the hours worked by the crew beyond their “standard working day”.. . . .