University Of Canterbury Collective Employment Agreement

Section 63A provides the only route for pre-contract practices that are not subject to compensatory measures. THE HRA and PA93 have their own dispute resolution mechanisms. Section 60A indicates that GF applies to employment. The IEA`s standards are lower than those of collective bargaining for two reasons: the promotion of collective bargaining. Simplify compliance costs for small employers (who typically use IEAs). B – Negotiation: applicable principles 9 F) Legal requirements for the requirements of paragraph 65: must be made in writing, but does not require signature (collective agreements require signatures). Requires the names ER and EE 11 These scales apply to employees employed in collective agreements and individual staff employment contracts. Becoming a professor was never something Eva had planned from the beginning, but her interest in university studies and development through school and university led her down a path that helped her find her passion in research and teaching. Terson Industries v Lodger – a number of clauses were found to be illegal, including one that attempted to exclude an EE`s right to defend an LA injunction. Warwick Henderson Gallery v Weston – W went from part-time to full-time and wanted to be paid a commission. WHG would not pay a commission without W signing a written agreement.

CA found that the fact that the IEA was not available in writing did not render it unenforceable and that W had the right to order. Therefore, the IEA (by s 63A (4)) is not invalidated in the event of non-compliance with the requirements of s 63A, since the EE-E value was developed to protect EEs. Designlink Ltd v Raymond – suggests that some oral variations to the IEA may be applicable, but here the variation concerned the identity of the ER, too fundamental to vary orally on the facts, and the written agreement was written. “The verbal formation of an employment contract” – author made the mistake of not distinguishing between verbal and oral. “The moral of the story? Put everything in writing or attention!┬áThere are 2 parts of an IEA: (1) ie A; (2) Conditions of employment – only the latter requires written work. “There are no specific or essential concepts that need to be present” prior to the formation of an IEA. The EC has recognized four points as an IEA: (1) an explicit offer, since both parties know that a position is being offered (not just an invitation to process or a little less than an offer); (2) should not be agreed on any “essential” term. There is “a minimum of formalities” but a common acceptance of the offer is necessary; (3) the intention to enter into a legally binding contract; (4) The exam is generally not a subject.

The courts “will make the effect of the agreement effective and will not nullify the intention of the parties by allowing them to rely on technical issues.” Specifically, the offer, the legal minimum, the behaviour of the ER, the ordinary practice, the conditional offers, acceptance, non-acceptance, the behavior of the timing of the EE may be important, and EAs should be advised “to accept a job offer in the form presented, and then try to negotiate all other conditions once the job is secured”. To avoid involuntary use, write everything down.