EDS Air Conditioning

EDS Air Conditioning2200 4th Ave. North, Suite 1
Lake Worth, Florida 33461

Phone: 561-249-4636
Fax: 561-586-0771
Email: Info@EDSAirConditioning.com


One necessity of life in Florida is having an air conditioning system that is reliable. The best way to guarantee that is to use EDS Air Conditioning in West Palm Beach. They have a proven track record of providing service and installation that helps keep life wonderful in West Palm Beach.

Residential & Commercial Services

EDS Air Conditioning in West Palm Beach offers both residential and commercial services. They can help you with room air conditioning units, and they can also work with swamp coolers and central air multi unit systems. Whatever type of system you have, EDS can provide installation and service. They can also consult with you on planning a system that meets your needs.

Prevention Maintenance

While EDS Air Conditioning in West Palm Beach can provide emergency and repair services, they encourage their customers to choose their prevention maintenance and tune up plans. An annual service call can help to prevent your air conditioning from having problems – right when you need it most. EDS Air Conditioning in West Palm Beach can change the filters, check the belts, and service pumps and motors. They can also perform duct cleaning and repair as well.

Educating Consumers on Air Conditioning Quality

One of the reasons that EDS Air Conditioning in West Palm Beach has such good reviews, and so many loyal customers, is they make an effort to create educated consumers. On their website they have a menu for Resources that includes many articles that will explain the ins and outs of air conditioning and service. One of their objectives is to move their customer relationships into a partnership, where the service and the customer work together with one goal in mind – to keep air conditioning working the way it should.

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