Hanley Center At Origins

Origins Recovery WPB933 45th Street
West Palm Beach, Fl 33407

Phone: (561)841-1000


The Hanley Center at Origins in West Palm Beach provides some of the best care for addiction and recovery that can help you and your family rediscover life. The programs they offer range from crisis intervention to long term support. They also have family programs, youth programs, and addiction recovery programs for seniors. Don’t suffer any more from addiction, the Hanley Center at Origins in West Palm Beach can help you to rediscover the life you want, and give you the skills to get it. Through compassionate care in beautiful surroundings, a new life is waiting for you.

Compassionate care for recovery

The Hanley Center at Origins in West Palm Beach provides a full service addiction and recovery program in a compassionate environment. The facilities are state of the art, and the campus of the center keeps you connected to the beauty of life in West Palm Beach.

Discovering the resilient life

At Hanley, the emphasis isn’t just on stopping addiction, but on learning how to live life again. Their supportive counseling and long term residential programs, as well as their outpatient services can help you to relearn how to handle all that happens in life. Stress can come from the good and the bad. Learning to be resilient is the key to successful recovery.

Special programs

The Hanley Center at Origins in West Palm Beach has several special programs to help you and your loved ones reclaim life. There are family programs that can help your family to understand the nature of recovery. There are also special programs for addiction and recovery for those over 65 years of age. A Hanley Center professional can help you to select the right program for you and your loved ones so you have everything you need to make recovery a success.

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