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Kolter Homes in West Palm Beach701 S Olive Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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Kolter Homes in West Palm Beach can put you right where you need to be. Their high class condo communities feature green building practices, full access and spectacular views. They will work with you to make sure you have all the options you want in your new home. With multiple floor plans available, there is something to match everyone’s style.

Why green building practices matter

Green building isn’t just about using recycled material during construction, it’s about using sustainable methods and practices that ensure that your life helps the environment around you. Kolter Homes has been recognized for its pursuit of excellence in green practices. As responsible as green building may be, it is also strikingly beautiful. Many of our home and condo designs feature materials and accents that are beyond the normal, and introduce the beautiful to your life. Our energy efficient appliance features will help you create the life you want, and be able to sustain it as long as you need.

The design team and condo plans

Kolter Homes uses design teams that can help transform their properties into your dream home. Whether you are exploring new construction, or a new remodel of a condo in the West Palm Beach area – your design team can help you to explore all the options. They can also help to do assistive and adaptive remodeling so that you are truly comfortable in your new home.

Discovering the best that West Palm has to offer

West Palm Beach has one of the best reputations for living on the East Coast. Kolter Homes offers several different condo communities in the area so you can be right where you want. Whether it is golfing you love, or a view of the sea, Kolter Homes in West Palm Beach is the place to look for your next home base.

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