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Professional Tax SoftwareSigma Tax Pro in Delray Beach offers a modern and effective method of preparing your returns and managing your finances. They have a proprietary line of tax preparation software packages that will suit your personal or business needs. They also provide additional support so you save money by only using live help where it will be most effective in your preparation.


Sigma Tax Pro provides professional tax software, and tax related services that can help your business succeed. With their software packages you can eliminate the cost of a special accountant and only pay for the consulting services you need. They even have special banking software products that can help streamline your operations too. The software packages are defined by the form you will be filing. Pick the form and you have the right package in your hand. Their professional staff can then be called in to maximize the return that you have prepared, and to provide other tax support.

Tax Support

Sigma Tax Pro backs up all of their tax software and banking products with live support to help you through whatever you encounter. Depending on your tax structure and needs, a simple phone call can help you navigate the best options in your tax software package. You may not need full preparation services. With the Sigma Tax Pro software, you can do most of the work on your own and then only hire one of their Tax specialists to fine tune your return.

Revenue Boosters

They also offer a series of services called “Revenue Boosters.” These are a wide variety of services designed to help you assess your performance and needs. They include everything from auditing to immigration paperwork. At Sigma Tax Pro in Delray Beach, you get exactly what you need at the best cost possible.

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