S!R Mens Wear

S!R Mens Wear WPB2257 Vista Parkway Suite 21
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Phone: (561) 650-0007
Fax: (561) 790.0165

Email: eedwards@sirmenswear.com


Eddie Edwards’ flagship store reflects everything he believes to be true about men’s fashion. Edwards’ designs are based on the ideal that all men should have a unique style, but that the style should also be classic. His S!R Mens Wear in West Palm Beach started by offering his shirts, and has now expanded to offer just about everything the well-dressed man could need.

A taste of the old world with a modern West Palm Style

Eddie Edwards traveled the world and learned from the best in Europe when he was a rising designer. Now, his blend of old world style with the sleek modern look of the West Palm area is making his clothes some of the most sought after for men with style. You can buy shirts, pants and suits at his store and they will be custom fit to your body and lifestyle. The real genius comes from his lineup of the perfect accessories.

Find what completes your look

Whether you are shopping in S!R Mens Wear in West Palm Beach, or shopping online with their website, you will find everything you need to complete your look. They carry a full line of ties, belts, shoes and other accessories. All of the accessories are picked to match the range of fashions in Edwards’ portfolio so you can’t go wrong.

Checking out the resources

On the S!R Mens Wear in West Palm website there are several resources you should also check out. They offer in-depth articles about shirt sizing, and how to take care of your purchases. Remember that you can only visit their showroom by appointment, so get an idea of what you are looking at before you book your session to get your most out of your time with the designer and his staff.

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