Live in Boca Raton and Love your Car?

Other mechanics will not touch my car engine because of performance modifications i had done including a supercharger and many other “goodies” under the hood.  Last time I needed a serpentine belt, my mechanic at the time told me to go back to the performance shop that set-up my engine.  They would not remove and replace the supercharger (needed to install a serpentine belt).   This time I not only needed this belt replaced, but also needed custom oil lines as well as other items that are not stock.  To get an appointment with the performance shop that modified my car was a month out and I didn’t want to be on the road when the belt snapped or leaking oil line failed.

Boca Raton Car Mechanic

Mike Alves

Expert mechanic Mike Alves of Boca Tech Auto Center said that he would have no problem handling the job.  I had seen Mike work on all kind of cars including a highly modified classic Chevy Chevelle, an Aston Martin, and numerous German luxury cars.  Mike is the kind of mechanic that you want working on your car when you know that an average mechanic could end-up doing more harm than good- the hard stuff like rebuilding a Porsche engine or removing the dashboard on a Mercedes (the only way to get to some parts).

Elli Weiss, owner of Boca Tech Auto Center is a pleasure to work with.  It seems like Elli is always in a good mood.  Elli often drops me off at work when my car is in the shop then picks me up when my car is ready.

Boca Tech Auto Center specialized in German and other luxury cars.  If you live in Boca and are looking for an expert mechanic to work on a car you love, please consider giving Boca Tech Auto Center a try.

Disclosure- Boca Tech Auto Center advertises on Screaming Boca Raton although they did not pay for this endorsement.