New Mizner on The Green

Boca Raton is a city well known for its effortless Southern Florida glamour, laid back beach and golfing lifestyle, and party atmosphere. However many families find this area appealing because of the beautiful weather and abundance of activities both indoors and outdoors for all ages. With many local tourist attractions, Boca is one of the favored places to live and visit. So does Boca need another new attraction? According to Elad National Properties, a developer in Broward County, the answer is yes.

A new development entitled New Mizner on The Green is one of the newest construction projects being proposed for the Mizner park area. It will be a four tower condo slated to be built on the 8 acres which are currently the Mizner on the Green rental complex. The developer has proposed the buildings which will exceed the 100 height limit and go as high as 300 feet. However Elad National Properties claims that the city is in need of this new development because of the need to attract high net worth residents from across the nation.

The proposed design will be unlike anything Boca Raton has seen before with many futuristic features. The final design was created by designer Daniel LIbeskind, and shows 4 unique buildings that are bound to be extraordinary when the development is complete.

The city has not yet approved the proposed plans for New Mizner on The Green but the tax implications would provide a major source of funds for the city. The funds from tax revenue could potentially be used to improve the Federal Highway which needs a lot of work completed. The tax revenue from the project would go directly to the Community Redevelopment Agency.

Whether the proposed plan will be actualized is yet to be seen but in the developer’s pitch, he states that the new development will bring business to the downtown Boca area and provide a distinctive landmark that will make the city truly stand out. Whether the area needs more condos or another landmark attraction is up for debate but as a structure that would be the tallest in the city, New Mizner on The Green would definitely be the center of attention.

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