Trader Joe’s Plans to Open in Boca

Trader Joe’s is a well loved grocery store that features natural and organic foods at affordable prices. They offer food from the trademark Trader Joe’s brand as well as related partner brands. Many cities across the country enjoy the delicious flavors and tastes of Trader Joe’s novelty items including fresh baked cookies and unique frozen meals. For any shopper interested in rock bottom prices on all of their favorite foods Trader Joe’s is a location not to be missed.

This is why there is so much excitement building about the imminent opening of Trader Joe which happens to coincide with the Jewish New Year. The grocery store will open up at 855 S. Federal Highway and the hours will be 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. The store will offer groceries, wine, and beer and will be decorated with the traditional Hawaiian decor that all Trader Joe’s stores are known for in addition to an incorporation of art reflecting the local Boca Raton culture.

Shoppers new to the grocery store chain will soon develop attachments to their favorite Trader Joe’s fare and it will be easy to see what all of the fuss is about. Groceries range from basic to exotic flavors and are priced affordably with healthy ingredients. The store puts out a flyer which is delivered straight to area resident’s mailboxes and is called the “Fearless Flyer.” It features specials, discounts, and highlighted products that the store is showcasing that week.

Trader Joe’s has been compared to Whole Foods but with much more affordable options for all budgets. With a variety of delicious food representing many different cultural origins from Mexican to Indian and more, shoppers will surely find something new to enjoy on every visit. To aid shoppers in making the best selections, there are usually in store samples available to taste test prior to making a final purchase.

Residents of Boca Raton are sure to enjoy the new addition of Trader Joe’s to the neighborhood that offers a variety of healthy and tasty options easily enjoyed by people of all ages.

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