Tunie’s Natural Grocery & Vitamin Market

Tunie’s Natural Grocery & Vitamin Market is the newest addition to the health food store lineup in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The new store will be situated at 900 N. Federal Highway and measures in at almost 20,000 sq. ft. This is the third of a series of Tunie’s stores and is the largest one located in South Florida. For individuals focused on clean eating and natural food choices, there are many affordable options to choose from.

Tunie’s Natural Grocery & Vitamin Market is owned by Taylor Hamilton who has two other successful stores located in Coral Springs, FL, and Beach Gardens, FL. The success of these two locations has propelled him to open an additional store to serve the growing desire for healthier and more nutritious foods. Not only is the goal to bring more affordable, clean eating options but the company also strives to educate their customers about healthier lifestyles that are available to them while ensuring the community has access to supplements and food that promote wellness.

At Tunie’s, the brightly lit atmosphere is complemented by the rich and varied hues of vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables. A variety of different foods are available with ingredient lists that are simple, basic, and close to nature. It is obvious that care has been taken in the selection of every item on the shelf which has no doubt been a contributing factor to the store’s success. When a shop owner truly cares about their customers and strives to provide the highest quality food and vitamins, the effort is readily apparent and is always appreciated.

In addition to natural foods and vitamins, additional offerings include a fresh juice bar, as well as prepared foods made in the onsite commercial kitchen. Seminars are also provided to customers on topics such as blood sugar and metabolism. There are also smoothie workshops, bone density scans, and more.

For more information about Tunie’s Natural Grocery & Vitamin Market, visit their website.

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